Saturday, 11 August 2007

A wee catch up

Managed to the in-betweeny meetup at Beanscene on Tuesday, and hurray, finished my one-skein shawl. Its not blocked yet, but I have been using it as it is so soft and cozee . Had a lovely time admiring the many WIPs' and FO '. But first, some photo's
This little end is all I was left with of my one skein, once I had cast off - close call or what!
And here I am knitting ;-) , on to the second shade already, its a quick knit, but I need to watch out about the increases .
Now, my Rowan Magazine has not arrived yet (gggrrrr!!! , as they would say in the Beano Comic) , but Kathleens' has, and she most very kindly let me peruse her copy on Tuesday evening . There was a fair old discussion about it , as is always the case with the latest Rowan Mag. Who likes what, who dislikes what etc.
Both Kathleen and India were wearing their beautiful shawls, which I managed to get a good look at. Lilith mentioned that her lovely Arisaig cardi didn't fit anymore, and was offering it up for a swap. After having a wee look, I was sorely tempted .
Kathleen was knitting a lovely sweater is some Scottish Tweed and Harris wool, a complimenting green and damson shades. Elaine had brought her you-know-what sweater, and told me how she had to pull it back after she had found a mistake - OUCH! Lynette had a red sock on the needles, not sure what yarn it was, but a lovely shade .
India was casting off in a lovely pale green tweed yarn, but I can't remember the pattern, and Lilith was knitting the beautiful circle sunrise sweater from Interweave knits, also in a lovely green, Rowanspun yarn. Julia had her Panda Yarn (bamboo) socks which are coming along nicely, and Poor Thea had a book review to do, so she didn't stay long.
I was introduced to Lisa, whose first meetup had been the previous week. She showed us her WIP, a lovely childs' jacket in a gorgeous deep purple shade and lace design (pattern from Knitty).She also showed us some lovely Harris yarn her parents had picked up at a Petrol station on Harris !
Thursday night was Flavaknits night (can never get too much of a good thing!) , and although Karens' hand is improving, she was still finding it a little hard to knit - still plenty of magazines and books to look at . Gale had found two balls of a lovely pale blue Mohair in a charity shop for £2 ! and was knitting a lovely stole.Val was knitting a second sweater in Sirdar Spree, a lovely yarn and lovely feather and fan pattern. Moira, as ever was knitting a baby sweater for a friend - the women deserves a medal, I am far too selfish to knit for my own never mind other peoples kids!
I started on my cotton summer top again - hopefully going somewhere warm next year , so it would be good to finish it for at least next summer!
It looks as if I've done nothing but attend different knitting groups this week ......
Now, what WIP should I do today ?


soCherry said...

Can't wait to see one-skein shawl blocked! It looked lovely :)

Love your Pinwheel colours! I'm about 5 rows into the 3rd colour.

I don't have my Rowan mag yet either - I've given up hope...

Kathleen said...

Sounds like a wonderfully knitty week. I'm still scratching my head at what a close call you had with your yardage!

Krawuggl said...

It must be such a great time when leafing through the newest Rowan magazine with knitting friends, not like I use to do it, sitting alone in the kitchen, no, you are surrounded by friends, discussing, laughing and talking, a fine cup of tea and maybe some cake aside, what a wonderful day! I could imagine you and your group so very well.
Have a lovely sunday,
best wishes, Suzi