Monday, 3 September 2007

Autumnal sunshine

Today was a glorious day, a local holiday too, so after the car was dropped off at the garage for a service we took the train to the kids softplay. Even at teatime this evening the sky was blue and the sun was beaming out its wonderful rays - take a look...
View from my sons' room - how come he got this room with that view, hhmmm.
Got two big washes out to dry - green halo looking good! Garden looking not too bad, but please don't look too closely.
Junior isn't feeling well - sore throat , hacking cough , bit "peaky" looking - didn't stop him running round and shouting like a maddie at the softplay, but made it very difficult to tidy his room ! Have decided to give in and knit for him and his brother again - Its a Sirdar Baby Bamboo pattern, but I'm using Rowan Cashsoft Double Knit - they just don't have the boy colours in John Lewis for the Bamboo, anyway I think the cashsoft will pass the "is it itchy?" test. Leaving out the sleeves this time and doing the sleeveless v-neck, well sleeves get in the way when you're a wee boy, who needs them.
Had a pull-back situation on the pinwheel sweater - OUCH! there were two small mistakes, one of them being a hole I couldn't fix, so rippit rippit back. I'm now back to the point where I was before I had to rip it back. Phew! I think Lynette and Elaine are way ahead of me, in fact last I heard, Lynette was on the arms, jings crivens , help ma boab! I think I've got a bit of catching up to do. Not looking forward to doing the i-cord finishing, as I've never tried it before and it seems as if it may take a long long time.
Still, onward and upward
Had a lovely knitting afternoon at the Tramway on Sunday. The 10k/half marathons were "running" on Sunday morning/afternoon and I thought I may get caught up in it. Fortunately all I saw was a solitary runner, several hundred plastic water bottles/plastic cups and a carpet of orange segments on the road! Apart from that , and the wait to order at the Tramway cafe (staff shortage!) , it was a pleasant afternoon. Gloria was crocheting "granny squares" , and had quite a stash of them when I arrived . Fiona was knitting something in a gorgeous raspberry red cotton with the most amazing sheen to it, she also pulled out a wrap she was knitting in Sirdar Sublime mohair - well named. Catherine was branching out and knitting a cardigan in Patons Moonspirit, in a lovely blue/pink colourway. Evelyn was knitting a lovely sweater, pattern from the previous Interweave knits magazine, the yarn was a gorgeous bottle green colour, but I can't remember what type (Rowan wool/cotton??) And me, I was working on the you-know-what!
When I got home, I worked out my current projects to be completed by winter (Ha ha ha), there is five and this does not include the several WIPS that get aired now and again. There is the Pinwheel sweater, DB astrakan hoodie, two sleeveless sweaters, colinette parisenne sweater. And I really would like to finish the kiddy print seater I started almost two years ago, but who knows.. Mind you compared to many of my knitting buddies, this is lightweight. Heather recently confessed to twenty five WIPS.
Yep, gotta lotta catching up to do!


soCherry said...

Don't worry - my project has stalled for at least a fortnight - far too heavy to take with me!

Just about to get to the last colour - dreading the i-cord as well!

Elaine x

Poshyarns said...

Oh lovely view and lovely sweater. I love that Cashsoft it really does live up to its name.

yvette said...

What a lovely sky picture, pity there are not more days like that.

tash said...

That view is stunning! I remember us driving through the hellish Glasgow and then coming to Gourock and thinking we were in another world completely! Lovely!

I bought some BabyBamboo by Sirdar, mine is (I think) the same colour as the elder-boy's sleeveless jumper, I have no idea what it's going into, I just buy random balls and let loose. I do think it's high time I added some more to my crocheted knee-blanket though!

The garden looks very tidy and presentable - no need for shame there! It's lovely to see washing on the line, it smells even better when it comes in.

As for holey-jumpers, it adds "character" and "charm" - a.k.a. I-can't-be-bothered-to-rip-it-
-anyway-isn't-shabby-chic-in-this-year?! hehe

Krawuggl said...

Autumn seems always to be the best season for making plans and looking ahead. Long evenings, often too nasty weather to go outside, nothing to work in the garden anymore - so plenty of time left to work out the to-do-knitting-list. And I always loved to make plans, even if the season is going by faster than expected. Plans and perfect imaginations of wearing beautiful hand knitted garments are always lovely, aren't they?
Enjoy your golden autumn days, here it is only cold, windy and grey, and above all a lot of fun with all your knittings!