Saturday, 28 March 2009

Family Life

I love reading other blogs about other folks family life. I read about children who have numerous interests , love spending time with their parents , helping out, joining in activities, going on jolly holidays with nary a harsh word spoken .
My family life is just as fulfilling , but a bit more challenging less Waltons' , more......"My Family" (British Sitcom with Zoe Wannamaker).
Taking DS2 to tennis lesson this morning requires the miraculous, more than Supernanny. Getting him to join in takes equal measures of bribery, blackmail and threat that would put a fully paid up member of the Mafia to shame ! AND we still leave a half hour before the end of the lesson .
DS2 is no less adept at upsetting parents in his own quiet but insistent way. A barrage of complaints and shortfalls of life in general ensure steam from ears and loud words from mouth of his mater.
There is only so much a mother can take!
And after sending them to their rooms for time out , while I quietly get on with the house-work, I soon discover that they are both watching TV. Quietly . Well almost . And although its some anarchic cartoon on some dreadful American kiddies channel, I say a silent prayer of thanks.
And don't ask why DS2 is now wearing swimming shorts a sweatshirt and a Wall E costume .
Now I will sit knit and listen to music , because soon it will be mayhem again!
PS - Its lights out at 8.30pm tonight to show the world we care ! (AND get the kids to bed early, 'cause the clocks go forward an hour!)

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