Friday, 13 March 2009

Red Nose Fun!

The Red Noses are here so it must be Comic Relief! DS2 is showing off his and his brothers red noses , but somehow I think he'll only manage to fit one on his own nose .
Lots of the children at school dressed up in red outfits and red faces as well as noses , and the teachers joined in the dressing up too. The T-shirts were especially good, I liked the one with Morecombe and Wise on the front , and there were a few with the Beatles , all wearing red noses of course !
The red noses can have one of three different faces - DS2's nose has some specs on it, practically covers his face .
And of course mummy was persuaded to try on one for size too - very fetching I don't think!
Even managed to persuade Big Brother to get a photo with his red nose , although the "Whats in it for me" comment was not very charitable!
Have a fun Red Nose Day wherever you are !
Here's a link to the Red Nose Day story - I can't believe it started 25 years ago, and the first major RND in 1988 made £15m (I was getting up to high jinks at work in ICI then! )

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