Monday, 23 March 2009

Sods Law!

When the hailstones , rain , wind and all manner of plague pelt down furiously just as you get out your car!
When the Tesco Grocery delivery driver forgets half your order , including the bread for the lunchtime sandwiches !
When the kind lady at Tesco Customer services promises to track down the driver and phone you back in five minutes , then does so three hours later only to tell you he's probably back at the store!
When the other kind lady from Tesco Customer services tells you the driver left half his crates at the depot/store , and will deliver them later this afternoon , the time ? Your Guess!
When your kind relation who offered to fix the electrical problem with the shower turns up just before you are about to leave for an appointment with the childs speech teacher! (Well not quite , but it was close!)
When the child throws a tantrum just as you are leaving , to ensure you will not arrive on time at said appointment!
When it rains hailstones (again) as you go out to collect your child from the school bus!
And (the real crux of the matter) , when you cannot finish these blessed Marlene socks for frogging , or distractions , or sheer exhaustion!
And it always happens on a Monday !
Thank Goodness for Yoga on Tuesdays!
Still waiting on Tesco van !

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tandemsandy said...

Oh sweetie thank goodness there is only one monday in a week.