Thursday, 19 March 2009

I am calm because I knit!

Had a lovely afternoon on Sunday at TramwayKnits - it was a book swap Sunday , but I hadn't looked at the meetup information properly so forgot to take any books! Still after the rest of a stressful weekend , it wasn't surprising.
The lovely thing about knitting groups is that you are amongst like minded friends, and can share moans and groans without being judged or preached too! Its a support network as well as a lovely group to meet up with and knit too!
Tramwayknits has a group of organisers , and on Sundays just now , the lovely Maggie is organising different themes for the meetups. You can join in or not , and it doesn't matter one whit, everyone has a lovely time. Thank You Maggie!
I am very lucky to be a member of two wonderful knitting groups , and it definitely keeps my sanity in check. As the Yarn Harlot says.... I am calm because knit! If I didn't knit, well...... madness may ensue!
This year three of us from Flavaknits are going down to the Iknit weekend in London , in September. It was lovely to see Vanessa (who works in Iknit a day a week) at this years Craft Fair at the SECC , she too is an Iknit day attender! It will be good to meet up with Yvonne who will probably be hosting the Knitting and Crochet Guild stand again . Missed her at the Craft Fair unfortunately , due to the scheduling of volunteers being changed. And this year there are workshops galore taken by wonderful and famous (knitty) people!
Alice Starmore , Annie Modesitt, Yarnissima , Susan Crawford , and the Dutch Knitter ! Hurray! There are lots more , have a peek at the website!
Had a strange request in Cafe Flava this morning - Joe the owner wanted to borrow a knitting needle, something to do with measuring a cavity through a small hole !?!
Coulda been talking about my head!

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Paula said...

I've booked a ticket for iknit too.