Thursday, 26 March 2009

Pocket Monsters

Browsing through the Ravelry patterns the other day , I came across a pattern for a Pokeball Hat. For those of you not in the know , Pokeballs contain Pokemons , short for Pocket Monsters. What you may ask are pocket monsters ? Well, Pokemon is a cartoon/card game about wee monsters that battle each other , gain powers , transform into higher levels do more battles with bigger better monsters (I sound like I know what I'm talking about, I don't, I'm repeating what my 8 year old son has told me - he's daft about it , and now his younger brother is daft about it too!)
So , my own wee pokemon requests I knit him a Pokeball Hat ! Shock Horror - he wants something knitted! So I set to it straight away before he changes his mind. Off to local wool shop for some squeaky coloured acrylic , Pokeball colours being white, red and black (so I'm told!) . Big brother requests one too , but needs one colour to be different and chooses grey, GREY , in this weather .
DS2 has decided that now , it is an inside kinda hat ! To watch Pokemon on TV , whilst lying on the sofa .
And we want to show it off everywhere too , lets wear it all over the house , to Nursery , IN nursery !
"Did you get my hat in the photo , mum ? Did You ? Maybe if I turn my head this way you get a better view of my hat . No it is not too big , its just perfect. Can I get another photo ? Please ?
"Okay Mum , I'm finished with the photo - shoot . Did you get my pokeball hat in ? All of it ? Is this a good smile ?
Of course I did son , this is the first thing I've knitted you that you want to wear - I need photographic evidence .
Now to get on with big brothers pokeball hat .


yvette said...

Oooh nice hat ;)
Isn't it great when they love something you made them.

soCherry said...

Aww - so cute!
Looks great too - this will be a photo for showing his future partners :D