Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Missing Needles

Its a gorgeous day now - sun shining, leaves falling gently, carpeting the ground in different shades of red, gold and brown , and it make me nostalgic for the days when my two were babies. Then I would just wrap them up warmly , put them in a pram or buggy , and set out for a bracing walk .
Now , it takes fifty minutes , at least 4 tantrums and raised blood pressure just to get them ready to go out, by that point I've either lost the will, or its started raining again ! So, for now, I'll just sit and look outside and dream of babies who could be put it prams !
Well, I've almost decided what pattern I'm going to do , BUT, I forgot I lent my Denise needles to my Aunt, who was on holiday until recently. So to fill in the time until I get them back (which could be like NOW, if I wasn't so lazy and would pick up the phone), I decided last night to start something in my lovely Noro Silver Thaw .
The pattern is called Erica (its the one on the right) .
And although you can't see there is a little "cross-ribbed" effect , or perhaps its more a twisted rib , mmmm , can't quite decide !
Anyway , every second rib has a slight twist to it .
And here is the start of the back , I just love knitting with Noro Silver Thaw , and I'm so disappointed that it is now discontinued . Thank goodness for Ebay and De-stashers !
The colours are given numbers instead of names , so this one is Number 13 - Lucky for some!
It has a hood which is not shown in the picture, and when I started knitting it, I thought it may be a good sweater for relaxation at Yoga. So while relaxing at Yoga today, I kept envisaging this sweater - Peace , man!


tandemsandy said...

wow I love the colour of this yarn I have never tried Noro yet so it will have to go up my list I think.

tash said...

Your knitting is lovely, and 13 is definitely a lucky number for me ;) As for babies in prams, just don't go down the "baby re-born" route, those things are very creepy (the documentary made both of us laugh in ways that it probably shouldn't!)!

I'm trying to make myself get round to finishing Mr. VP's jumper, but I'm not a "quick" knitter, and when it has 128sts on the needles, it tends to go slowly... I must go onwards!