Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Little Eccentricities

Conversation heard in vestibule area of Royal Horticultural Halls on Saturday just before Yarn Harlot talk .... "I'm not queue-ing out in the rain , love, I mean I know this womans great and funny and all that, but waiting out in the rain ,that's just crazy !"
This was a mother talking to her 10 year old daughter (I think the wee girl got her photo on the Yarn Harlot blog!) , her terribly excited and daft for knitting daughter , who was pleading with her mother to go over to the queue for the Lindley Hall where Stephanie P-McP was talking. And the rain , it was pelting it down.
Had to smile .
Now, I am a reasonably intelligent woman, mainly sensible and practical, but I too have my "excited and daft for knitting"moments too.
Like just now - I am wearing the first sock while trying to finish the second one, I feel it encourages me , and I also like the feel of the Koigu PPM , so I can't wait until I'm finished both to wear them .
My finished and almost finished Koigu socks - before I put the finished one on!
Its the opposite of "startitis" , its called "finishitis" !
And while I'm trying to finish, I start to think , mmmm, I could do with more of these handknit socks . What yarn should I use next ?
Perhaps my new Kraemer Silk and Silver from Iknit London shop - it contains silk AND silver , just as the ball band says.
Bit fancy for socks - might end up as fingerless gloves, or finger gloves!
Or maybe I should use my Old Maiden Aunt sock yarn - its very soft and cuddly, just wish I could knit quick enough!
All this while I'm still wearing one sock while knitting the other !
Fingers allowing, I'll be wearing the other one later this evening . Blocking , what about the blocking I hear you cry - well that's what the feet are for !
Kraemer Red Silk and Silver sock weight yarn - with Wensleydale black roving, it is so soft and glossy it could be on a Harmony Hairspray Advert!
Thank you all for your kind comments about the death of my Aunt , it is very comforting to know others feel for your sadness, and it is lovely to know so many kind knitters.

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LinnMarit said...

i haven't read y our blog for a few weeks...i am so sorry about your auntie! it's one of these things..even though it's"their time" it's not any easier for the people left behind!