Saturday, 27 September 2008

A Fine Romance

Does anyone still remember the 1980's sitcom with Dame Judi Dench and her (real-life) husband who played the main characters ? I loved that programme , it didn't contain Hollywood style romance , but something a little closer to reality , and bit more "solid" , or very little romance at all to be honest !
DH and myself are not the most romantic of people , but we do like our little moments especially on our anniversary - look at this gorgeous card from DH..... it has Swarovski crystals on it, gorgeous!
Explaining to DS one and two that it was our wedding anniversary, and that meant we still like to kiss now and again , there were numerous puking and yeuch noises .... the little one in particular used his favourite expression - dats isgusting ! Ah the innocence !
Give them 10 years!
Was reading the YH latest blog entry and she has the book Armenian Knitting on it - won't go into details since she has , but I remember having a good look at this book at the Iknit shop and mentally putting it on my wish list. Instead I bought Simply Shetland - the one with Eunny Jangs fairisle sweater pattern, that I may knit next century , hopefully!
Instead , I may use my New Lanark chunky for this ...
Or this sweater on the left.... or the one on the right.....
Too much choice really.... I just love when you get pattern books that you love everything in , and you want to read again and again!
Just like Dumbledore said, when he used the bathroom at Horace Slughorns house , Horace asked him what took him so long (never a good question is it?) and he answered he'd been reading muggle magazines , he especially liked reading the knitting patterns in them!
Yes , DS one and I are reading Harry Potter again, it is to my son what knitting patterns are to me!
Well am off to get the Indian Take- away for the anniversary dinner - a fine romance indeed .
PS - just learned how to use the flip function in my Macbook photobooth , Fab!


Twelfthknit said...

\My dear son used to say 'bisgusting, hostipal and aminal' - so cute ;0)

Tash said...

Happy Anniversary! What a lovely card. I can't believe I've been with Mr. VP for 5 years, it feels like forever and yet no time at all, all at once.

Love the jacket in the top photo, exactly the kind of thing I'd love to knit. And talking about knitting, oh thee of Great Knitting Knowledge... I am planning a scarf, for a man, for his birthday/xmas. Do you know of any patterns that are suitable, quick to knit and not really really difficult (I'd say I'm a moderately proficient knitter)? Any advice would be muchly appreciated!

TangledFrog said...

Happy Anniversary! Is the programme you're referring to 'As Time Goes By'? If so, it's my fav TV programme EVER!

TangledFrog said...

Ooops...sorry. Just realised you're probably referring to 'A Fine Romance'. Didn't get that one in the US.

tandemsandy said...

congratulations, love the card and wow O.H. is good at picking cards. I always love the way that childrens attempts of words make me go all gooy. Can't wait to see which pattern you choose