Friday, 26 September 2008

Bliss !

The last few days have been lovely, both weather and otherwise . Wednesday , there was a strike , which meant the Nursery was closed for the day. So my good friend Karen and I had a lovely morning spinning , while the children gaily played inside and out (although I think at one point Karen was requested to be a firefighter!)
I managed to spin and ply my Natural Dye Studio Bluefaced Leicester "Halo" roving. I wanted it rather chunky, which may not have been a good idea since there was only 100 grammes , and I don't know if there is enough yardage to make anything, but it looks good (or so I think!)
Not a great photo - the camera may need a service as it the batteries don't last long in it, one or two photo's then it tells me the batteries need recharging !
Yesterday was DS no.1 's birthday - eight years old, wow, how the time has flown especially when I look at his baby photo hanging on the wall, he was only one day old in it . We had a big chocolate cake covered in munchies, rolo's and smarties , his favourite. Made a change from the Tardis cake last year, and that awful blue icing!
Had a lovely massage in the morning, which helped clear a dreadful two day headache, and kept me calm all day. Although by evening, I was almost comatose, and had difficulty staying awake!
I did manage to Flavaknits , though, and the girls from Dunoon had brought over a fabulous array of their knitted items.
Joanne is a new knitter , but her knitting is gorgeous, so neatly done, and expertly finished. Sandy is Queen of the felted knits just now , she had loads of felted bags and purses , made in the lovely New Lanark yarn . She also had a lovely little headband that could double as a grown up choker .
I had decided to give my Druid Mittens a miss last night, and started some socks in my Old Maiden Aunt sock yarn , I found a lovely pattern via Heather called Circles, and even in my semi-conscious state, I managed to get the pattern!
This morning I was alerted to this magazine , by my good knitting friend Irene, which was in my local Keystore along with the Vogue Knitting.
See, Gourock IS the bohemian centre of Inverclyde!
I have some of the Donegal Tweed patterns it contains, as I bought the DB Donegal Tweed book, but the rest of the patterns I don't have , and they are gorgeous too .
There are loads of cables , which I love, so I think there may be some cable knitting this winter !
Just checking that the two small people in the living room are okay - living room is not, but they are, so all is well with the world !

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