Monday, 22 September 2008

A Spinning Yarn

A wee while back I got some lovely Harry Potter inspired roving , with the Gryffindor colourway. Now although it is some 2 years since I was first taught to spin (thank you India) , and although I have friends close to home who spin and also encourage me (thank you Karen) , I'm still pretty new to it - that is, I don't practice often enough to feel good at it .
So I was quite determined to try to spin and ply this roving to the best of my very inexpert ability..... and here it is. Not too bad I think, and I have a lovely little pattern for a scarf for it (yest I get to KNIT IT too!)
A slightly clearer picture, the top one shows I still have a little left to ply on the bobbins, and my home-made lazy kate .
And finally here are the pictures of my Falling Leaves socks in Koigu PPM - they've turned out a little loose , but are cosy to wear . Next time I would go down a needle size to 2.25mm to see if it made it a slightly tighter fit .
The heel and the toe are done in the same way , knit up one way with wraps and increases, knit down the other with decreases , its not the snuggest of fits , but I'm happy with it.
The heel on show - I just love the way this yarn knits up even in the plain old stocking stitch .
Had a lovely afternoon yesterday at Tramway knits , full of chatter , eating, drinking and the occasional knitting . Maggie has swapped knitting a sock and was making a chevron scarf instead , Ali was making the cutest bootees ever, Alice had her wonderful KSH sweater (deepest purple), and Thea was making headway with her shawl. Gloria was knitting a cardi and I didn't really see what Linn and Irene were doing as I was trying to remain calm as I knit my woolly weapon for Hat Attack 2 , using SWTC Therapi yarn . Its wool/silk and Jade mix , bit sticky and quite expensive. This is the first time I've had to knit to someones specifications including gauge , yarn, and pattern ! Its quite a demanding exercise !
Anyway , my woolly weapon is on its way to kill someone , didn't want to take pictures of a weapon as I try to keep items of aggression off this page! lol
Hopefully it won't be too painful a death , the fudge and fridge magnet should help!


Once A Sheep said...

Your handspun is absolutely stunning, I love the way the colours have come out when plyed. Beautiful, can't wait to see it Thursday.


Twelfthknit said...

Even allowing for the fact that it is Harry Potter inspired ;0) that is some great-looking yarn.

LinnMarit said...

oh love your wool! and by the way i was knitting another pair of emerald green handwarmers:) finally a pair for myself!