Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A week is a long time in Politics !

Well , last week I mentioned that our little knitting group may have to move due to our size , but a week can be a long time , and in that time our favourite meeting place and Knitty Home has come up with a solution.
So it looks as if we will be returning to Cafe Flava - obviously to help finance the expansion!
Just now I am in training for Hat Attack 2 - I have received my target , needles and yarn at the ready and the kettles on . The Hat Pattern is to be issued between 2pm and 8pm EST , USA , which roughly works out at 7pm and 1am BST , UK .
Could be a long night..... or I could be lazy and get "assasinated" first..... mmmmmmmm......
Hat Attack (2) is a bit like Sock Wars, you knit a hat and send it to your target, this then assassinates them . However , you may receive a hat at the same time , and then you are assassinated ! Its all bloodless good fun
The Therapi yarn , which is the recommended yarn for these "Games" is lovely to work with and feels quite smooth , just like a jade stone (it contains Jade fibre!) That will probably be incentive enough to keep going , that and the Fibonacci sequence that is included in the pattern .
Fibonacci? its all about nature!
Watched BBC4's Connect Quiz last night and there was the "Knitters" group, who just happened to be Craig from IKL and his two pals from their Knitting Group (Esther with the lovely pink sleeveless sweater)
I felt a bit......uneducated, the questions were all about connecting things/people etc. and I don't think I was able to answer any !
So I did what any self-respecting woman of my age would do - switched over to Sex and the City !

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