Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Time to Flit

Our little group at Flava started off with three people , Karen , Val and me . Moira , Kimmie and Lewis soon followed and there have been others on the way who started and stopped, started again, then we never saw them ! Was it something we said ?
And now ? Now, our little group is little no more , there are at least 12 of us meeting every Thursday evening in Cafe Flava . Unfortunately, Cafe Flava has not grown with us , and we are too big a group to meet there now (boohoo!)
We're a bit sad that allowances could not be made for our size , especially since its been our regular venue for two years. Such is the life of a radical and subversive group , kicked out of a Cafe !
So for Thursday evenings we will need to find a new home , we are checking out some venues and hopefully will find one that fits our needs . We'll still be causing havoc on a Wednesday mornings at Cafe Flava , or knitting eating and chatting whichever you prefer ! lol
Gorgeous Manos silk blend and Knitwitches silk mohair - they are practically works of art !
Well , my Koigu socks are done - still to put photographic evidence online . They are a bit big , but knowing my sock wearing history, they will no doubt shrink in the wash! My lovely blue/green megaboots socks got slightly felted , I blame the spin cycle on my washing machine , as the yarn was meant to be washable (wasn't it ?).
I'm in a sort of blue/green phase just now , I am knitting green mittens, I have bought lots of green/blue yarn , my next pair of socks is going to be green, and I may try experimenting with this blue fabric .
Kaffe Fasset Design, Rowan cotton print .
Bought this in Liberty's on Saturday, its very pleasing on the eye, and although I am not the best sewing, I may take a masterclass to do something good with this !
But for now ,the washing calleth , as well as the vacuuming, the ironing, the wild children swinging from light fittings , the dusting, the dishes AND a big glass of wine - guess whats getting done first ?

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TangledFrog said...

Good luck finding a new home for your Thurs. evening knitting! A knitting group without a home is far too tragic.