Thursday, 19 April 2007

Flavaknits Sunsets (Mummy , whats that big orange thing up in the Sky?)

Its the sun, son!
We watched a beautiful sunset, while knitting at Cafe Flava this evening, in fact we needed the old sunspecs . Was able to push on with the secret project, although am getting a numb finger tip due to the type of pattern/s , ouch!
Apart from that, there has been no progress in any other projects just now . I have set a date to finish the secret project (cough, splutter) , so after that I shall charge ahead with the alpaca socks and Fyberspates cropped cardi .
Visited the Optician today - Mr Ku is a sprightly, slightly cheeky gentleman, but I forgave him all when he told me that my eyesight was IMPROVING! Now if thats not an advert for organic carrots, I don't know what is ! So I chose a nice trendy pair of Frames, and perhaps I'll look a wee bitty younger too (perhaps not, keep buying the moisturiser ,my girl!)
I visited Ikea yesterday, (Braehead Shopping centre, seventh circle of Hades!) and now I have three large boxes sitting waiting to be opened and the contents put together. I trust , no one to do this, I am an allankey control freak. Hopefully by the weekend I will have a nice new glass TV table and two wooden side tables - or a headache!
Thank You for your comments, its always a lovely surprise to get them . Yvette, I always remember when I stayed in California for a wee while, a work collegue smuggled in a can of Irn Bru and some Lees Tablet! It was divine.
India , I always overcook my brown rice , and occasionally I mix in some wild rice . And I ALWAYS put a wee bit bouillon in the cooking water - works every time!
Nan, the beach in Nairn is wonderful - somebody was having a barbeque (and didn't invite us!) But I have to say that with the Sun today, my wee back garden is just lovely and private enough to eat my dinner !
Bought a wee guidebook for New York, along with a mini map - now I need to work out a knitting tour of Manhattan - any ideas?


Wee Minty said...

Mhairi, you are such a tease! Secret project and no more pics!
Sex in New York!!!!! Better take hubby for that - or better still his wallet. Oh and you'd better take an empty suitcase.

You lucky dog - but you should have kept that one quiet - you'll be going with a shopping list as long as your arm ... and that's just from the knsers!:)

heather said...

So has the secret project yarn got any better to knit with yet ? And what about the timescale - I'd be sweating buckets worrying about getting it done on time !

Wee Minty said...

Just read Heather's comment - this is getting too much!!!!:)