Friday, 6 April 2007

Good Friday

Yesterday was one of those busy days - not doing a lot except rush around.
It was Maundy Thursday, a day traditionally associated with the Monarchy handing out alms to the poor, imitating one of the last acts of Jesus , who washed the feet of his disciples.
Last night was the Maundy Thursday service, and as part of a small singing group, I sang at the church service. Nobody ran out screaming, so I think it went okay.
The minister is our own "Vicar of Dibley", and always brings a sense of happiness and jollity to the services.
Its been a frogging week! On Sunday it was the sock (which is well on its way to full knittedness!) and on Tuesday it was the cropped cardigan (4 times - yikes) . I think the school holidays have been too distracting, I need a bit more focus. Photos to follow soon. Although, I did manage to get out to three knitting groups this week. Sunday at Tramway, Tuesday at Cafe Nero and Thursday (later on) at Cafe Flava! Poor Nan and India have been having a time of it recently, so I hope they are feeling a wee bit better !
Have managed a few trips out with the boys - Wednesday we went to New Lanark, and considering the history of the place it really was lovely. Some of the old spinning machines are used to spin yarn (that lovely stuff I got at the craft fair), and boy what a racket they make . All the buildings have been restored/rebuilt to their original plans , and I like the display that shows how derelict the buildings were before restoration. I was able to refresh my memory on the Industrial Revolution (O-grade History)
Today we went to Finlaystone Estate, and the boys ran riot around the different play areas, Pirate Ship, Fort, Train, various Wigwams and adventure areas. I recovered in the Celtic Tearoom, and passed a real "Eye Opener" on the way (for those of you who know Finlaystone, you'll know what this is, for those of you who don't, its the name of the shop!)
A secret parcel arrived today, so now I will be starting my secret project, I am very excited!
Getting as much sleep as possble just now - am up for early Sunday service on Tower Hill, where we'll be rolling our eggs down (hard-boiled free-range of course!) Happy Easter!

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Wee Minty said...

A secret parcel eh? I am intrigued and will keep watching with interest!!

(... and I'm fine thanks!)