Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Ne'er cast a cloot...

til May is oot!
So my Granny would say - well I may still be wearing warm clothing, but I'm casting my "cloots oot" on the washing line in between showers! The joys of a Scottish Spring
Another thing I keep doing until "May is oot" , is cook soup - I have another pot of Butternut surprise soup (the surprise is the ginger root that is added, but the boys don't know that!) The sun may be shining, but there is a nip in that wind!
I try to cook healthily, and one of my favourite recipes just now is from a book called "Low Fat goes Luscious!" - its a creamy curried fish dish (farmed organic cod from Shetland!), and is wonderful , even junior eats it.
I tend to be a bit generous with the curry powder (loooove curry!) , so my fish looks a bit more colourful than the one in the book ! I also make too much sauce .
But in case you get the idea that I'm a health freak , here is what I had for lunch today - a nice fry up! I do come from the country that gave the world the deep fried Mars Bar, and Irn Bru ! (And no, I have never had deep fried Mars Bar, nor do I intend to!) And as for Irn Bru - it goes down nicely with Fish and Chips.
In between hanging out the laundry (the rain has stopped so I may hang it out again before the next shower !) I have been weeding my garden. No planting as yet, I have the previous owners to thank for what plants we have with the exception of my lemon balm . Trying to catch the little caterpillars and slugs that love the garden is a more difficult occupation.
Its lovely to get comments,thank you to all who have commented over the last few posts. I had a giggle when I re-read Nan's comment - with two small children I treasure sleep the most ! (and hubby was working)


Wee Minty said...

No wool shops in Inverness then? You are terrible - I meant stash enhancement experience!!!!!

BTW - I am afraid I hate slugs with a passion and SALT!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

I try to eat the old brown r ice -but it takes some getting used to...

yvette said...

Oh you are making me homesick for fish and chips and Irn Bru and deep fried mars bars of course! They are yummy, we occasionally have the mini ones with vanilla ice cream.