Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter Sunday - Chocolate at last!

It is Easter Sunday at last - the eggs have been hardboiled and decorated, the alarm was set, and the Sun appeared briefly at 7am this morning in time for the Easter Sunrise Service!
After chittering through the service, at last the great egg roll , about twenty eggs bounced and rolled over the grass down the hill, into bushes, cracking off wee rocks and almost making it to the bottom. Any remains were left for the birds, bees and any other wildlife that would care to eat them.
Then onto the serious business of chocolate - Auntie hand-makes her chocolate eggs - aren't we lucky! Off course being Dr Who fans, a Dalek egg is a must, complete with Tardis and Cybermen sweeties, and an exterminate button!
Chocolate for breakfast - I should cocoa! Beautiful Easter blooms - for Grandma.
Have been swatching for my secret project (Yep its serious stuff) . Need to order some addi turbos' from K1 Yarns, cos these straights are a pain in the finger, literally. No knitting photo's yet - need to get my needles first!
Off to Inverness on Thursday - its been a while since I've been up, and I'm really looking forward to it, especially seeing my friends. Need to take some woolies with me as its a wee bitty colder up there . Wonder if I'll see the monster this time ???
Have a Happy Easter !


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Enjoy your trip,

Wee Minty said...

Well .. while you are swatching, I am watching!!!

Tell those boys that Wee Minty needs their chocolate (wants, actually!) and those flowers (can't spell freesias) are jumping out of the screen.

Remember, you are visiting friends - so no SEX. lol

Janet said...

Enjoy your trip to Inverness. I was there twice last summer and loved it. Wish I had had time to look up an old knitter/young mum friend who lives outside Inverness. Our respective first sons are now in their 30's. I used to marvel at her knitting prowess - she is from Shetland.

Kathleen said...

Happy Easter and have a good trip.