Monday, 16 April 2007

Happy Holidays! No.2

Well, the Easter Holidays are now over, and today we were back at school, work, toddler group etc. etc. It was a lovely holiday, and the weather was great for most of it, in fact the last few days have been a tropical 19 degrees celsius or 66 degrees farenheit!
It was great to catch up with my friend in Inverness, to see the children , and have a fun time together. We spent a lovely day at Nairn beach, with a picnic, buckets and spades, and a thermos flask of tea (so British!) - a few photos below:-)
And this good looking young man is the reason I got back into knitting! Yes, when my Godson was born I took up the needles after a break of , mmmm let me see, Fifteen years!
I got back in time to make the Sunday knitting meetup at the Tramway - another beautiful day surrounded by beautiful knitting. And yes Nan, I'm sad to day I did bring along my secret project, but I'm not feeling the love for it just now - here is a wee snippet :-)
But enough of me, and on to the rest of the groups knitting - to my left was Heather who was knitting the Noro Scoop neck cardigan (yarn lust here!) , Catherine appeared to be knitting a scarf in one of the tape yarns (not sure which), next to Catherine was Ella, who is knitting more socks (this time an Opal yarn as she is allergic to Alpaca, poor wee soul!). Jen had the most beautiful silk sock yarn (?), and was almost finished one sock by the time she left. Across the way, Evelyn was knitting some lovely New Zealand wool (a sweater I think), Fiona was knitting a lovely lacy design in what looked like a green cotton, and India was knitting the Rogue Hoodie (Girl from auntie!)in a lovely natural yarn, with pale pink cabling (I don't do it justice, it is lovely). The talented Maggie, was knitting a sweater in two yarns which gave a lovely variegated red colour .
Unfortunately I had forgotten my camera so no pictures - if Kathleen had been there she would have written up a much better report than me!
Simplesparrows' blog has a lovely header of her clothesline/washing line, with a beautiful blue sky as background to her colourful washing. She has requested photos of other folks clothesline, just because the smell of fresh laundry can trigger happy memories! So in that vein , here is a picture of my lovely new John Lewis(organic cotton) sheets, and some little tikes things hanging in the background - all washed, dried and ironed on the same day (background... didn't she do well...applause!)
Tomorrow, there will be some cooking and a wee bit gardening (that is, the plants I didn't kill over the winter).

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Wee Minty said...

(3rd time trying to send you this!)

You tease! .. and you know what I'm talking about!!

Looks like summer on the beach:) When I was there it started to snow but it looked gorgeous all the same. Who's the best company on a Nairn beach? Friends and kids or a bunch of old creaks (inc me) living it up at Lovat Lodge (Arthritis Care holiday home)?

Pictures of washing-lines is it? They just remind me to check I don't have to do the washing again cos mine is on the flight path to and from the bird-feeders that TB fills regularly so he can see the wee birdies. Get my drift?