Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Too Hot to Handle !

Its been a hot weekend! Really hot , okay 24deg C hot , but that is really hot for Scotland!
So what did I do on the hottest weekend , I finished my Glynis socks of course , now there are a pair of Glynis! Don't they look lovely (excuse the poor photography, used laptop camera)
Its hard to model woolly socks when the rest of the world is sporting swimwear!
In fact I keeled over in the heat! And got a nice side view of socks!
In between all this knitting to deadlines , DS2 had a 5th Birthday , and kept telling everyone how this was the best birthday in his WHOLE life ever! Until today when we discovered the parcel at the Post Office was not his , but his Dads contact lenses , D'oh! Then it was the WORST birthday ever ............ until he realised there was money in a card from his Auntie , and decided to buy yet more Lego !
In fact his collection is fast catching up with Big Brothers , and when we got home we discovered another parcel for him which contained ........ yet more lego . Soon I will have Legoland , Gourock , and will be charging folk for Day visits!
Still , both of the boys were great when my car broke down , in John Lewis' car park , and then we ended up spending three and a half hours stuck in a garage . There I was worrying about the cost , whether I should just look for a new car etc. , and they were making laser guns out of lego and scooting about on wee toddler push cars . Kids are great .
More good news , my good pal Karen has taken the plunge and is working away at opening up an Artisan Yarn shop in Gourock! We are all so excited ! It will stock one of a kind yarns from independent suppliers and even better will have Knit Pro needles - Hurray ! Hopefully it will be open by summer , but I think she may do some Knit nights and sell stuff before the actual shop opens - always the enabler !
Now , I am off to peruse my holiday brochure from Center Parcs , and see what activities I will book .......... for the kids !

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Twelfthknit said...

Ah yes, Lego. What fond memories I have of lacerating my unsuspecting feet on random bits lying around...