Friday, 26 June 2009

Summer Holidays and a Deadline

Today is the last day of Nursery and School for DS1 and DS2 , they are demob happy , and I'm stressed with all the final arrangements. Like Gifts and Cards for Teachers! Don't remember doing this in the Dark Ages when I attended school , but hey ho , packages galore were arriving at school for the staff , so thought I'd better make an effort.
Considering the options , I thought it would be nice if the boys made their cards and gift , so off to the local craft centre for supplies . DS2 ran riot and took no interest in the card making stuff , but managed to find a Thomas the Tank Engine that he "REALLY NEEDED!" I escaped with card making supplies and a little jewelry making kit for his older brother to make a necklace for his Teacher . So far so good!
Back home , bribery and corruption had to take place to encourage them to "make the blessed cards!" (my words) . DS2 got into the spirit of things , gaily putting stickers on the cards then commanding his Mother to write the message inside . For one of his teachers (there are three Nursery teachers) , he wanted the following written on the inside of the card "I will not forget you , but I will NOT miss you !" When I corrected him , he said emphatically , "NO , I will NOT miss her!
Thank Goodness he can't write just yet .
DS1 took a more laid back approach to his craft making duties , "Mum , could you do it for me , I'm just so tired after school!"
DS2 then decided he wanted to make a gift for his teachers , a drawing of himself! So I dutifully gave him a small stretched canvas board and some oil pastels and off he went to create his Masterpiece . He hoped the teachers would put it up in the Nursery for everyone to see!
Meanwhile I , daftie that I am, made a lovely necklace and card for DS1's teacher , he then shoved them in his bag after numerous reminders NOT to forget them.
Thankfully , all cards and gifts were gratefully received , and yes , the drawing of DS2 is to be hung in the Nursery .
Next year , I do NOTHING!
On the knitting front , I am almost finished my Sunshine socks JUST in time for the "Makin' Cookies KAL" deadline of June 30th . Shoulder started to bother me again , so another visit to the Osteopath to get it working and help me finish those blessed socks . The pattern is actually really nice to knit and looks great , that , combined with the gorgeous yarn , has made a winning combination.
Wasn't sure if I would have enough yarn to finish the second sock , so was making alternative plans , like a contrasting toe or throwing them in the Stash basket in disgust! However its looking like I will have enough , just !
Looking forward to my shopkeeping duties this Thursday and Friday at Old Maiden Aunts store in West Kilbride , only the big question is ...... Can I resist buying anymore yarn ??? Find out next week !!

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