Monday, 22 June 2009

London Calling!

Had a lovely wee weekend visiting my friend who lives in London , or Putney to be more exact. And as all us British Knitters know , Putney has a fine wee yarn shop called Stash ! Of course we had to pay it a wee visit , just out of interest !
The lady who runs the shop is a lovely American lady who was very friendly and helpful , although the lady who came in asking for knitted socks (!) didn't seem too impressed. She wanted handknitted socks , but instead was told that, yes , she could buy the yarn and perhaps sign up for a class to learn to knit socks , but no, handknitted socks were not actually for sale . We worked it out that to knit someone socks , it could cost £120 , given that the minimum wage per hour is £5 , it can take up to 20 hours to knit a pair, and sock yarn costs anything from £7 up to £20 .
And then my friend asked it I would knit her socks , as a gift ! And knowing how she would appreciate them , I agreed , as I only knit for people who appreciate handknits! But I needed to get some practice in (heavy sarcasm here) , so I treated myself to a skein of this in Bermuda Teal colourway !
It was a very relaxing weekend , pottering about Putney then Richmond , eating in gorgeous Deli's and restaurants (wonderful Fish and Chip down in Wandsworth , and a gorgeous Goan restaurant in Putney just opposite Stash!) , and sitting out in a Pub by the river in Richmond , having a lovely glass of Chardonnay. I would recommend it to all busy knitters !
Have finally started Sunshine sock number two , but dragging my case into London has put my back out (again , after all that Osteo too!) , so this sock may take a wee bit longer than I had hoped , and there is only eight days until the June KAL ends , sigh!

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Vanessa Hubbard said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend, but offended you didn't come visit me! Lol!!! Or I Knit!!! LOL!

See you at Weekender.