Thursday, 18 June 2009

A bit of a catchup!

Had a lovely time at Carries on Saturday , the World Wide Knit in Public day/weekend . Carrie had made a fabulous lunch , which we all stuffed ourselves with and then had the cheek to go back for seconds! Matt , Carries husband , had done a lovely spiced chicken to add to the goodies. There was Home-made quiche (including the pastry ) , roasted sweet potato and squash and warm pasta salad .
THEN there was AFTERS ! Look at the magnificence of that cake! And the gorgeous bijou cheesecakes with raspberries courtesy of our Kimmie , who claims she is not domestic but could give Nigella a run for her money in my opinion!
Since Kimmie had made the super gorgeous bijou cheesecakes with raspberries on top , she got an uber sized piece of the sponge cake , which will now be referred as a Kimmie size portion of cake ! Ours were no less generous , and I literally couldn't eat until later that evening, well after my normal dinner time . There is Cedric the elephant guarding the goodies from stray animals and uninvited guests.
And here are some of the lovely girls from Flavaknits , Sandy is sporting a beautiful sun visor she bought from M&Co . I may have to try and find one myself . Poor wee soul has her leg on a stool as she hurt it badly hill-walking , evidence if any , that too much healthy exercise is actually bad for you!
There was much spinning and knitting and spindling going on amongst all the eating . Karen was spinning a gorgeous red roving into singles , hopefully to become socks . Kimmie had her day-glo green roving and was showing Carrie how to spin on a spindle . I missed Innes giving a spinning masterclass as I had to leave a little early . Still it was such a lovely day , and I got a lot of my sock done. The first sunshine sock should be finished this evening! Hurrah , a wee bit of sunshine even though it is now raining.
And my boys got another lovely day for their Sports Day too on Tuesday . DS2 was very keen , and wanted to make sure he won and not his friend! DS1 is more like his mum , Sport Day is to be endured because you get to go outside and be with your pals!
The juniors getting placed for the first race ( and yes DS2 did beat his pal in that race! )
And an action shot of DS1 in the egg and spoon race , although the egg was actually a potato! And a lovely salad one at that!
Sadly the sun is only managing to peep out in between the heavy rain showers now , thank goodness I'm going to London for the weekend , where its to be sunny! And perhaps get to visit IKnit!

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Once A Sheep said...

Mmmm it's all coming back to me again, that cake was awesome wasn't it?