Friday, 30 January 2009

Knitting Slowdown

The knitting is still happening , but its kinda slowed down .
The Marlene socks are coming along nicely, and my Noro sweater is now going to be a cardi.
I am looking up patterns to use up my lovely sale bargains, and think I have decided on at least one - the girls at Flavakits helped me decide on one last night, always good to get advice from knitty pals .
Talking of knitty pals, our good friend Gale quite literally "popped over" from South Africa , to take her British citizenship oath . Karen was there to witness the solemn event , and took pictures of Gale , the new British citizen , next to the Queens' portrait , and even got to join in the National Anthem ! Gale was then presented with a Swarovski crystal paper weight....... with Inverclyde Council Crest engraved on it .
We had a lovely dinner at night to celebrate, then too soon Gale had to go back to SA. Hopefully it won't be too long before we see her again.
Had a lovely knitty evening at Flavaknits last night, although there was another large group in who were noisier than us ! Shock Horror!! This also meant it was very warm , so windows had to be opened before we all collapsed in a heap.
Margaret had brought her Heirloom knitting sample kit and pattern to show - it is gorgeous, one tiny ball of mohair , the other silk , a shawl pattern , and an Orenberg shawl pattern (doll size). The price was very reasonable (£4) , and the pictures of the shawls were beautiful. But...there was more....Margaret had brought her "Orkney Pie" shawl , I really wish I had my camera, but to hold it is to appreciate it more. It was so soft, and the lace patterns looked so intricate and delicate , the colour was of antique lace , quite divine !
Now there was quite a lot of touch-y feel-y going on last night.....but when there is so much lovely yarn being knitted into beautiful items its gonna happen!
So , Sandy's ankles were being she had her new alpaca socks on - such a lovely pattern, Dragonfly , and the colours are purple/raspberry shades. Kimberley passed round her sock, which will be for Lewis, so we could all feel how fabulous the yarn was (Wasn't quite finished or Lewis would have got his ankles stroked too! ). Val got her cables stroked on a lovely New Lanark sweater for her DH, it really knits up into a soft knit . We decided to stop the "stroking" at that point in case we got barred from the Cafe , but not until we all tried out Carolines' furry shawl , and admired Moiras' scarf .
Who said knitting was boring !
Its very dark and overcast today with lots of rain , a good day for some nice hearty lentil soup! Which is what I've just made , so now it is time for lunch , before I pick up the needles again .

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tandemsandy said...

Oh love the socks the photo is so much clearer than mine. Yes I wish I had had my camera too.