Saturday, 3 January 2009

If at first you do not succeed......

try try again!
Or visit John Lewis one week after the clearance starts!
Rowan Yarns - RYC baby alpaca and Rowan Kidsilk Spray , both at rock bottom prices - thats the yarn diet out the window !
Oh yes , also visited Old Maiden Aunt site - there's a bit of a sale going on there too (don't ask me how I know, but I'm hoping to get a parcel very very soon!)
Thank you all who commented on my socks - I have to try to NOT wear them out, I love them so much (so cosy when its cold out) . Socks feature in my New YEar Reolutions - see below
So, New Years Resolutions......
1.Knit a pair of socks a favourite pair need darning I've worn them so much!
2. Knit more from my stash (and try not to spend the overdraft!)
3. Knit for charity - will start Teddies for Tragedies this month !
4. Try to finish a WIP a month (ahem.... well see!)
5. Buy British - I never realised there were so many great British internet sites, this doesn't mean I'll not be buying from the USof A , just less!
A secret project.....connected to knitting . So may talented people out there, time to put them on the radar !
OK , yarn diet starts Monday - where have you heard that before! hehehehe!


LinnMarit said...

i like your new years resolutions:) and very nice bargain at john lewis indeed! look forward to seeing some socks here then. xx

Krawuggl said...

Your John Lewis bargains look so very lovely, I much envy you. I have seen their offer, too, the Baby Alpaca would have been my choice, too, they offered it also in a wonderful carcoal shade, but unfortunatel they don´t sell outside the UK. Very very sad. Why don´t we have a similar great yarn shop here in Germany!
Your Resolutions sound great, especially the monthly sock knitting. I have collected such a big amount of sock yarns that this should be one of my resolutions, too. Unfortunately I am not much fond of sock knitting, just fond of sock yarn buying. All those wonderful colours within one simple skein.