Friday, 9 January 2009

The year of the sock begins!

Am knitting my January socks just now, using a plain pattern and the gorgeous Natural Dye Studio alpaca/merino blend. Bought this yarn a long long time ago, and am not sure why it took me so long to cast on with it. So soft and beautiful to knit with.
Here is DS2 having a look at it !
This is my Mum's knitting, is it for me ?
ooh look, wee sticks in this end !
Wonder what she is knitting - mum what are you knitting with wee sticks ?
She says it's a sock, doesn't look much like a sock to me ! Mmmm what d'you think ?
Think she's kidding !
Being January socks, I should actually be WEARING them, but I never got round to casting on UNTIL January, this means February's Valentine socks (which should be cast on , like, NOW) may not actually be ready to wear for Valentines day, I will probably just spend the day knitting them!
Its all down to organisation , a skill I completely lack! Still, onward and upward, aim for twelve, may get ..... six by the end of the year.
And here are some of my long-awaited yarn purchases, because Lilith and her fabulous site are such a yarn purchase enablers ! Its the lovely purply/pink Gothic sock yarn in Merino and the lovely green/blue Neptune 4ply alpaca/merino blend . Oh yes, the new Knit 1 magazine has some gorgeous sock patterns which I may try.
Gonna have some Roastie Toastie Tootsies this year !

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Once A Sheep said...

I should lock that Gothic away somewhere safe if I were you, there were a lot of envious "strokings" going on last night. (That sounds rather rude in hindsight!)