Thursday, 15 January 2009

And the WInner is.....

Me !
Bear with me while I blubber and snot and give an acceptance speech.......only kidding!
But enough of these actor types who ham up at the Awards , there are more important prizes to be had!
I have joined Amanda and Jeni's (of Natural Dye Studio and Fyberspates respectively) Unicorn Quest, and I may have "persuaded" someone else to join too!
The actual "Quest" starts in April, and you can purchase a skein or two a month of the specially dyed "Unicorn" fibre. There will be riddles to solve each month, and after the last one in December, you can try and identify what the fibre is (the clues being in the riddles).
In the meantime, there are side Quests to be solved and some prizes or discounts to be had . I managed to solve January's Quest and won a lovely cable sock pattern from the Natural Dye Studio - the prize draw at the end of the month is for some yarn, so fingers crossed!
AND.... after leaving a small comment on Heathers blog, I have won something again... (bows and waves !) Thank You Heather!
I'm very excited , all this winning and prizes is going to my head, but I promise not to blubber and give an incomprehensible acceptance speech !

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