Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow Business ...

So! there have been major snowfalls all over the country (or was it just London) , and apparently this has disrupted our Credit crunch economy to the tune of ...£?? billion/million ( add figure , ,circle required word).
How dare the snow interrupt our free-falling economy! Indeed!
Londoners were "forced" to take the day off work - got an hysterically happy text from friend in London who said she got a cheeky day off work! That will be thanks to the low council taxes/no services whatsoever available there , which meant that roads weren't cleared or gritted , neither were railway lines , and the tubes were frozen .
And here in the windy cold West of Scotland? A pitiful dusting that would make a Victoria sponge look bare!
Still there is always East Kilbride - ten feet of snow there when everywhere else has a bit of frost!
All this winter business has caused me to eye up some of my lovely yarn. Yes, I know I have lots on the needles, but sometimes you just need that something else! Something warm , soft and fuzzy ! Something that makes you feel warm, soft and fuzzy .
Like baby alpaca and a Vogue Knitting pattern from Summer 2008!
Its a slanted cables sweater , short sleeved and quite fitted. *Sigh* Its perfect and just lovely.
The pattern is probably not the best written, so I will need to refer to the pictures a lot while knitting the slanted cables , or perhaps make a graph. There are lots of "do this for ten rows and AT THE SAME TIME , so this every alternate 27th row for eight times"....... mmmmm , quite! Its still lovely though.
Talking of lovely , had a great time at Tramway Knits on Sunday , many old friends were back , and it was great to see them .
Patsy had an early ??th birthday surprise , but the 2inch square cake couldn't quite go round all fourteen of us. Pity!
She also brought in her scarf in progress , crocheted with the gorgeous buttery cashmere her friend gifted her - we've mentioned it before, and will probably mention it again, its so yummy - there is no other word for it !
Got to see Kathleens' lovely hap shawl in the flesh , it will be a stunner once it is finished . The yarn is Shilasdair, natural dyed , and it feels so soft. It will be warm , cosy and gorgeous to wear .
Nan brought in a vintage box of silk yarn , one pound in weight and each skein a half ounce (roughly 25 grams) , there was about 30 skeins in pale peach colour . Would be fabulous for a cami-top or some knitted lingerie , 1930's style - ooh la la !
The lovely Heather brought me the prize from the - competition on her blog and what a prize indeed! A pair of Lornas' Laces sock yarn skeins - in beautiful hot pinks/purples and oranges . Just fabulous! Cant wait to knit them up into some wonderful socks .
Will download pictures when camera is working again .

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