Sunday, 11 January 2009

Wild West

The winds are blowing madly, the rain is driving down hard, and the sounds of the waves on the river can be heard for miles. The ferries are staying in port, cars are safely locked in garages, and the storm rages on!
Its not much different inside our house, bickering children, short-fused parents, and poor old patience wearing thin .
I should have listened to my inner voice that said - stay at home today, it won't get any better when you go out (to church!)
Maybe I should have been praying more , instead of giving DS2 the evil eye and chasing him as he ran riot during prayers, refusing to sit down when asked, and kept disappearing to the kitchen to pinch the after-service bisuits!
All this during a Christening Service, with a lovely wee baby in a bonnie white frock and happy smiling parents.
Yep! , I was that mother so NOT in control today. And its funny how it always happens in public, when there is such a BIG audience .
This too will the storm raging on outside.
I'll just sit in a wee quiet corner with my knitting , its the only thing that keeps me sane.
Blessed are they who invented knitting to bring peace and sanity to poor benighted souls, and they shall have everlasting peace and beautiful knitted garments . Amen!

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Kathleen said...

Amen sister! x K