Tuesday, 16 December 2008

While Shepherds Watched.....

I'm not sure what these Shepherds are watching - the teacher directing them! Well this little Shepherd is unwell today, a touch of the dreaded Winter tummy bug, yeuch! Hope it wasn't the beard that caused it!
Perhaps the stars will quicken his recovery, here are his two wee pals, don't they look gorgeous in gold.
Apart from sleepless nights and tummy bugs, there has been some fun too.
Tramwayknits Christmas special was at the Park Inn Hotel, formerly Langs, and a jolly afternoon was had by all. There was a Santa Lucky Dip, a fun fibre quiz, and lots of eating and drinking. Ooh, and I won the Fibre Quiz! The prize was the book Diva's don't Knit, can't wait to get some time to sit down and read at leisure.
Oooops, almost forgot, the winner from last weeks quiz was...... Kathleen , she won the lovely sock yarn. Although I think due to the small number of commenters , there may be some runner up prizes too!
Still haven't blogged fully on my fab weekend last weekend , at the Girls night out with Craig Hill and Abba's Angels, but I will leave you with some snapshots that seem to sum it up!
My good friend being ritually humiliated on stage by Craig Hill - he was gentle!
Mr Hill swinging his...ahem....stuff.
And a rather strange lady in an Abba blonde wig - who could it be??


tandemsandy said...

wow love the look you should bring out this woman to thursday nights.

Krawuggl said...

Dear Mhairi,
thank you so much for your Christmas wishes. I had some lovely days with my family, calm and friendly, but now I am glad that a New Year will start, it´s always again so very promising, isn´t it, to make a new start.
From the bottom of my heart I am wishing you all the best, all the joy and happiness in 2009, luck and sunshine, dear friends, a loving familiy, laughter, inspiration, health, beautiful new yarns and lots of wonderful calm and peaceful time for your knitting. May it become a year you will always love to remember, a year were some of your secret wishes came true.
With my very best wishes to you,
PS: Your new Noro cardigan is so lovely! Love the colourway you´ve choosen a lot!