Thursday, 4 December 2008

Faith Hope and

There is so much doom and gloom just now , and if you are of a nervous/anxious disposition its best not to read the papers or watch the news on TV! People being trampled to death in the sales , companies and lives going bust all over , misery at every turn.
The story about the co-joined twins, Faith and Hope, did bring a little .... faith and hope to these depressing times. These little souls made it into this world against the odds, to loving and caring parents . Sadly , Hope did not survive the separation operation, but her sister is fighting on , hanging on to her precious life. I hope she makes it . My heart goes out to the parents , what brave people they are .
On the Knitting Front
Aaagghhh , its the headless woman - nice cardi though!
At a bit of a standstill just now - have finished the cropped Noro Cardi, just love it to pieces. Am trying to get inspiration for my secret Santa gift , and some other knitted items I wanted to do for Christmas presents.
Started a scarf using the gorgeous handspun from Oldmaidenaunt, but sadly there was not enough for the pattern I was using, double moss stitch takes up a bit more yarn than I bargained for!
And I have lots of lovely yarns I want to use, ...mmmmmm, and I also have lots of lovely projects to finish.
Maybe pay Knitty a visit to get some inspiration .

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Once A Sheep said...

Your cardigan has come out beautifully, and it was a quick knit too. I love it, I trust you'll be wearing it tonight.

I too feel quite low at the moment I do hope there's some good news soon so that I can start feeling a bit seasonal.