Tuesday, 30 December 2008

For unto us a Child is Born.....

Well not us exactly, but our friends had a wee boy, Cameron David John on Saturday 20th December , welcome baby Cameron.
And even better news, his big sister Ellie has had her MRI scan , and has been given the all clear for this year, well done Ellie.
Christmas has been lovely this year, the boys got lots of toys, we got lots of lie - ins , and I nodded off in front of the TV on Christmas evening, eating my cheese and crackers , accompanied by a nice glass of Burgundy red (Bourgogne)
We watched Dr Who (how exciting) and Wallace and Gromit (how exciting again!)
Well the steak pie is in, the Cava is chilling and soon it is Hogmanay .
Happy 2009 everyone!

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