Monday, 4 August 2008

Its a Big World... its a big big world

To be honest, my titles are random lines from songs, any songs that happen to go through my head. At present , smallest son is watching Nick Juniors "Its a Big World" programme (hence the reason I have song in my head) , playing with his Thomas Trains and has his "library" of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends" books laid out on the living room floor .
Me ? I am still in my jammies at 10.10am, even though I have been up since 7.30am when small boy jumped into bed and asked for breakfast - then took the next 2 hours to eat it! I have put dirty clothes in the washing machine (economy setting) then hung them out in the sunshine on the whirlygig! Second wash is busy birling around the machine, after I stripped beds and opened the windows.
In between, I have been sitting at my kitchen table reading blogs , the new whistle-y kettle is on the boil, toast has just popped up and I am about to spread some of my good friend Karens' home-made Blackcurrant jam (utterly divine, its all thick juicy blackcurrant goodness). Reading blogs mainly inspires me, but sometimes it makes me feel like there are these perfect lives out there that I've not quite managed to keep up with , you know, there are blogs with piles of gorgeous knitting that was done in , oh...., a week . Or the blogs with gorgeous photography of lovely gardens, fabulous kitchens full of home baking, wonderful pictures of lovely fabric being made into fabulous items , and the books, patterns etc. that folk manage to produce in between Law Degrees, being CEO ..... then I realised .... its 10.10am..... and you are still in jammies .....eating jammy toast, with small boy playing contentedly and doing knitting - bit jammy eh!
Enjoy the moment !
I love the Yarn Harlot, because she is so REAL and reading her blog meant I was able to catch up with a new Webzine called Twist Collective ,whilst re-knitting the heel of this miscreant ....
The yarn is the divine Koigu KPPM - bought in Purl yarn store, Soho , New York (just writing that makes me feel better), and lovely to knit with, and I thought I'd try a sock pattern that was written for this very yarn , Falling Leaves from . It is knitted from the toe up, and I thought the heel would be quite easy - it is .... its my brain thats not working, so fourth attempt fingers crossed! I mean the lace pattern was a scoosh in comparison (only 2 attempts at that!)
I finally finished the Lotus Blossum Tank from Interweave Knits - in beautiful Jaeger Pure Silk ( a gift from the lovely Kathleen)
I love it with one exception, the arm-holes are too loose , so I am going to adjust it slightly, thankfully I have some yarn leftover to do this . But it is lovely to wear, a very simple and pretty pattern for my Summer of Lace over on Ravelry (note the Dr Who Calendar on my right, its EVERYWHERE in our house).
In between running here there and everywhere yesterday, I spent a lovely afternoon at Tramwayknits, the talented India was visiting us withOUT knitting (a bout of RSI, Ouch!). And I wished I had brought my camera, when I caught sight of Thea knitting while talking on her mobile phone - she did not drop a stitch !Maggie was showing off her stash of Interweave Knits magazines secured from I was GREEN with envy! Alison had her Interweave Crochet magazine too along with some lovely yarn. There was quite a crowd there yesterday, it was good to see so many faces (and get a read at Alice's new Vogue magazine!)
Perhaps that is why I was having difficulty with this darn heel, mmmmm...


Maggie said...

Yourtop ooks lovely on you

yvette said...

Your Lotus Blossum looks fantastic, good luck with the sock knitting :0)