Sunday, 24 August 2008

Blowing in the WInd!

As we sat outside in the Hidden Gardens at Tramwayknits today, the wind suddenly gusted in and blew our food, drinks and knitting everywhere - time to go inside. Unless, that is, you are under the age of twelve !
Yes, we had the Bairns at Tramwayknits today, and they had a ball racing around inside, while we had a ball knitting, drinking and eating INside. The cream teas looked gorgeous (but I went for my favourite , hummous and pitta bread!)
Well, its been a busy week - there was no Carrie at Flavaknits on Thursday, because she was busy withthisinstead !
She's is absolutely gorgeous, and I can't wait to get a little cuddle - there will probably be more photo's once Mum has recovered . And a lot more pink baby knitting being done too ! I am getting some fab stuff from the YP, she's a wee gem really , she couldn't make it to Tramwayknits today so she is posting it out . The pattern has been chosen already , will show it later......
And then browsing Ravelry late one evening I decided it might be fun to take part in this, its kinda like sock wars except you knit and send a hat to your intended victim to "kill" them before you are killed by receiving a hat , and I'm using the preferredyarn . I am swatching as I write - which is why its probably taking so long! Gloria, resident expert on gems and crystals says the yarn gives a calming and balancing effect due to the Jade content - so that means we'll all feel calm once we are "killed!" hehehe!
The sock knitting is coming along too - firstsock done and almost at the heel of the second sock, AND, I'm considering doing a second pair in this pattern ! I just love the way the Koigu knits up, it is such a surprise in every row the way the colours turn out . My second pair will be in an Old Maiden Aunt colourway called Sour - nothing sour about it, its divine, so soft and a bright yellowy green , its such a happy colour to put my feet in for Winter!

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