Tuesday, 26 August 2008

There is no accounting....

for the Scottish Weather ! Yesterday was more like winter, with horizontal rain, gale force winds and black cloudy skies, until lunchtime. Then it cleared up with lovely blue skies, a few white fluffy clouds, and a temperate breeze, and with the exception of a dark cloud and rain burst mid-afternoon, it stayed like that until evening. In Scotland, raincoats and bikini's go together!
I have been trying to get a little healthier in my eating habits again, mainly because it makes me feel better. Todays food of choice is Spinach and Nutmeg soup, and a wee dessert I made up on the spot consisting purely of blended strawberries and blueberries over some natural yoghurt, and chilled in the fridge. I added a little sprig of Dill, as thats my herb du jour (its in the soup too - I love fresh herbs)
I am always wasting soft fruit as it seems to go off before I finish a punnet just now, so I thought I would try and do something else with them , that I could put in the freezer , and my little yoghurt sorbet does the trick. If you leave the blended fruit long enough, it "sets" due to the natural pectins (is that the right word ?), becomes like a little jelly, and its so tasty it doesn't need any more sugar added.
My soup is from that food fascist Gillian McKeiths' recipe book - her nutritionists have done her proud, as most of the recipes are gorgeous (and healthy). All thats in this soup is; onion softened by frying in a little olive oil, a big bag of spinach, stock , herbs and ground nutmeg . How green does it look! Its also a nice soup for summer as its not too heavy . And a seeded loaf just compliments it .
Am slowing down a little with the knitting, much to my annoyance, my RSI has returned , I guess I need to exercise a bit more , and perhaps visit the Osteopath, but darn it, I want to finish my lovely socks! AND I want to get ready for the Hat Attack2, which is only 3 week away now. Sigh , at least I managed to get the correct tension for it, and boy, is that Therpai yarn lovely to work with, it knits up a treat .
I am also, slowing down on my Druid Mitten KAL - but I reckon that it will be a few more months before I need to wear them, so I'll just take my time .
I read with sadness yesterday , about the death of journalist Adrian Sudbury at the tender age of 26years from Leukemia - his blog is being used to continue Adrians work in encouraging people to become bone marrow donors. In the short time he had left Adrian managed to speak to the Prime Minister, was interviewed on news programmes and had short documentaries made about him and his cause, and he left this world a "true celebrity" .

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TangledFrog said...

Just about to have my dinner...and my lentil burger doesn't seem quite a appealing after seeing your soup and sorbet yogurt sorbet combo...