Friday, 29 August 2008

New Beginnings!

Had a lovely evening at Flavaknits last night, a little surprise visit from Carrie, her husband Mat and new baby Abigail, 1 week old yesterday! Well, as substitute Aunties and Grannies, we all had a cuddle, oohhed and ahhed , then handed back to Mum for feeding and changing (there is only so much an Auntie will do!)
Mother and Daughter team, Val and Karen, sprinted to the finishing post first with two gorgeous knitted cardigans, a pink wrap over and a white and pink matinee coat!
And obviously , Carries' knitting time is going to be limited (until Dad gets up to speed!) , so the rest of us are coming up with ideas to knit for little Abigail in the meantime . Sandy had a brilliant idea of knitting little bibs - she'll probably have hers' done before mine (I'm blaming my bad shoulder and RSI, but I'm generally slower,...... slow and steady win the race....) Although I started a matinee coat, I had the wrong sized needles , and Moira kindly lent me a pair of the correct size , AND, they are Brittany Birch - I will look after them Moira, Guide Promise !
Also that wee parcel I got from Nan the other day.... well there is a skein that was going to become a hat, NO MORE, it will become a BIB... you cannot waste yarn that machine washes and tumble drys on something as frivolous as a hat! And as my lovely sister said "that yarn won't show up the marks much!" Such pearls of wisdom from my knitting sibling .
As we say in this part of the world - if she wisnae a knitter ah'd nut her! Only joking sister dearest!
Just in case you didn't notice the link, our good friend Sandy has gone digital with her new blog - go have a peek and find out about the tandem biking and knitting . Its a charming and entertaining blog - just like Sandy!
Got a chance to read the paper the other day, and there was some study on the "Happiest places to live in Britain" , and in at number 19 was Inverclyde along with Argyll and Bute (across the water from Inverclyde, the happiness must travel) and Dumbarton. Poor miserable Edinburgh came in at number 273 !?! Surely they must be happier now - they have K1yarns for goodness sake!
Personally, I think its the amount of knitting that gets done here ,that makes it a happy place ;-)
Edited later : Almost forgot, it's also a happy place as our good Flavaknit pal, Kimberely, got cabling for the first time , and very nice and neat it was , hurray, after me now, "if you're happy and you know it , clap your hands !"

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