Monday, 28 July 2008

Bring me Sunshine Bring me Smiles!

Had a lovely afternoon at Tramwayknits yesterday. Nan the resident YP, brought us some lovely samples from Stitching Time (her shop!) The yarn came from sheep, Llammas', Camel, Alpacas' (was there a goat in there , can't remember ). All gorgeous and irresistable.
We also had fun with the yarn and pattern books/folders Elaine brought in, donated by a kindly gentleman . There was rather a lot of yarn and patterns, it was quite amazing . Some of the styles though..... hehehe!
DH came up to find me at leaving time, didn't faint at the sight of so many women and managed to even reply to some - aaahhhh! Bless. He was please with Maggies' compliment - you look like your photo, not any older! Thats because he is married to me.... I'm a good wife really!
And at one point, friends of ours appeared complete with children, and promptly plonked the youngest in my arms while the older one had to pay a visit! The little one showed interest in the goings on (or was that my necklace!), I think she'll want to take up knitting when older!
Spent today travelling around with my sister, lunch at North Star Cafe in the West End of Glasgow, a wee peek into K1yarns where we saw the lovely Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt fame , knitting her gorgeous socks and spent a wee wee wee bit of money .
And now, the Sun is shining , the boys are at the Grandparents, I'm going to sit in my peaceful garden drink tea and eat raspberries!
Are you jealous yet ??

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Yvonne said...

very jealous - I was talking about K1 yarns, the cafe and the friendly Glasgow knitting groups yesterday at the Canal festival.

Do you know of any crochet groups in the area - one of the girls I was talking to wants to learn.