Sunday, 10 August 2008

We're doing all the best we can......

after a bit of a disaster!
In the last post there was a photo of my latest sock knitting - I was having issues with the heel. Heel, remember..... as in the back of the foot . Turns out that wasn't the only issue. Although I did manage to turn the heel successfully, and was working my way up to the know above the ankle. THEN, I discovered I should have been knitting alternate rows for the lace pattern...
D'OH !
I can hear Taggart shouting - DUNDERHEID!
Anyway, least said soonest mended etc. etc. .... and here is where I am now .
which actually looks like this (previous photo a bit close up to look a bit bigger and make me feel better )
And it looks ( and feels) so much better .
On a cheerier note, I have been road testing my new ball winder - ooohh its great . I "won" it in a draw , some kind person had donated a whole load of knitting yarn and related items to our knitting group . Elaine brought it in last Sunday at Tramwayknits , and I have been dying to try it out ever since, so last night I dug out a gorgeous skein of Posh Yarn silk and am halfway through winding it. The reason its taking me so long is I keep tangling up the skein - what I really need no is a swift!
Still its looking good - soon I shall have lots of little cakes of yarn .
Have signed up for a KAL on Ravelry - its part of the Vogue Knitters Group, the Druid Mittens designed by Jared Flood, better known as Brooklyn Tweed. It would help if I could actually buy the latest Vogue Knitting magazine, but it is nowhere to be found at present. Hhhmmmm.... Still the mitten pattern is lovely, knitted in Jamieson Spindrift, with lots of cables and bobbles and moss stitch and knitted in 2-3mm dpns, so I need to get started NOW!
Although I've seen some lovely 4ply yarn on Old Maiden Aunt Website which I may just purchase before it disappears, and use this instead of Jamiesons - its a gorgeous shade of blue called sky, just like the handspun I bought .
Or maybe I'll use the lovely green colourway I just purchased instead - its so lovely too.
Now, back to the *bleep* sock !

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