Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Mother Glasgow's succour is perpetual

We're home! Had a relaxing time in Majorca, and it was HOT HOT HOT !
The flora and fauna there is quite something, bright red lily-like flowers, tiny wild white rose -like flowers, the bushes with vibrant purple, pink, red and white tiny flowers. And then there were what I assume to be huge black-almost-blue bees, they were amazing . Every morning we were awoken by a dawn chorus, with so many wonderful birds . I really must read up a bit more about the wildlife as I don't know much about it .
Some knitting was done, and then ripped out! The Lotus Blossom tank remains unfinished, some knitting will be done at the weekend after the myriad piles of washing have been done, yikes! My initial stitch reduction was too severe, so I am going to stick to the pattern (mostly), and keep checking Ravelry to see how other folks turned out .
Have noticed we're back just in time for Marching Season - yes , the Orange Lodge Parades (Protestant organisations, many flautists among their numbers!) will be holding up the traffic while "protesting" about something very few of them know anything about - Religion ! This is a less pleasing aspect of Scottish Culture - religious bigotry .
Having grown up in the West of Scotland, Protestant/Catholic differences have always provided a back drop to the culture. An uncle was in the Orange Lodge, and he always kept a blue budgie called Billy, a shortened form of William (from William of Orange, the Protestant King of Britain in the 1600's ) . Now, he also has two sons, one of which is called .... Billy, so, the other son was (quite rightly so) upset when this blessed budgie was named after his brother! lol
He would also receive Christmas Cards that when opened played that tune so favoured of the Orange Lodge - The Sash! Not really a festive tune, but one singing the praise of the "Sashes" the Orange Lodge members would wear ! And my Grandmother, who was Catholic, would just laugh ! The rest of us would just roll our eyes.
And how do you start to explain this to someone who has not grown up with it - it just doesn't make sense .
Its a weird world we live in .
And talking of ....while I was away, I noted that John Lewis year on year weekly sales figures had taken a tumble. This was obviously because I was on holiday, and unable to spend in the Summer (yarn) Sales there. Fear Not JL, I have returned and will be flexing the flexible friend as soon as possible. Next weeks sales will be up up up!
Unfortunately , Bank of Somewhere figures may go DOWWWNNNN, but still , there is always next months salary!

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Kathleen said...

Glad you're back safe and sound after a lovely holiday.
Ah, yes, West of Scotland bigotry, if I live to be 100 I'll still never understand it.
Now, do you think there will still be any rich pickings at the JL sale or will we be left with the dregs? x K