Thursday, 10 July 2008

Slowly going forward cos we can't find reverse!

So, the sales figures of JL and M&S should now have gone up a bit - but no thanks to the bargain remainders in the yarn dept at John Lewis. Kathleen, I'm afraid it may just be dregs left - Hhhuummmph! I did get a nice shiny toaster and a whistling kettle, but sadly no yarn .
There was some nice cotton, including the new Rowan Organic cotton , but not shades that would suit me , unfortunately . The Wendy Pure Bamboo had some lovely shades, and was a good bargain, but not enough in each colourway to make anything big like a cardi or sweater, maybe a summer top .
Its Flavaknits night tonight, so maybe I'll see if anyone got anyone got any good bargains, and maybe I'll get a bit more of the silk tank down too . I think I'm enjoying knitting with the silk too much to stop knitting with it, which is why I keep trying different modifications!
I shall also ask some advice on Yarn Swaps,I feel my participation in a Dr Who Jelly Baby/yarn swap was a bit of a disaster!
I had gathered together all I wanted to send, then when I realised it would cost about £15 to post, I had to rethink. I mean, I have 2 weans to feed! So I sent the value stated £15 worth of goods, and postage of £7, and thought that was that .
And now folks are showing what they got and I feel like Ebeneezer Scrooge before the Ghostly visitation!
So I think I may avoid Swaps in the future, I'm clearly not cut out for them.
Or I'll stick to just yarn.

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