Sunday, 13 July 2008

When Doves Cry.... and bounce off heads!

So, I am telling the story at Sunday School today, about John the Baptist baptising Jesus, and the Dove descending from Heaven. Son number one was helping and we had a few toys for display, Camel for the Desert, Bird to represent the Dove. When we got the the bit about the Dove landing on Jesus' head, Son number one threw the toy bird and it bounced off my head! Son number two then sat it on my head and bounced it up and down thinking it was very funny!
I am obviously a Mother who can't control her own children... you can imagine the fun when we started to make paper Doves !
Should really stick to the knitting, still on the silk tank, although I pulled out my Banana yarn when I was sorting my knitting bag, had a look, then put it back!
Spent a lovely afternoon at Tramway Knits today. There were lots of new faces, and lots of new knitting... oh and a beautiful necklace worn by Anne!
Maggie was knitting socks from a lovely self-striping yarn she bought from ebay. Alison was crocheting some lovely black fingerless gloves, with red lacing at the wrists. Can't remember what Anne was knitting as I was bowled over by her lovely solid silver necklace. Linn had two projects, one crochet shawl (reminder yarn from her knitted shawl , the lovely Rowan tapestry in a blue shade) and a sweater of her own design. The talented Gloria was knitting a scarf from her own handspun alpaca, in variegated pink yarn. Margaret helped out Maggie by adding to her garter knit shawl, and Sarah was knitting a lovely sleeveless sweater in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn.
Nan was using the remainder of her Natural Dye Studio Alpaca/silk yarn to make a crochet corsage. She had already made a lovely lace shawl and knitted (padded) heart - I've promised to get her some lavender for it. And we also got to see what the gift she had received in the post from Heather. A beautiful felt corsage (the unknitted variety!), with pretty pink beads in the centre.
Really wish I had taken my camera today.
Well, we're off to Inverness this week to visit friends, what to pack ?
Something warm and woolly , no doubt!

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