Sunday, 22 June 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane!

So , the Lotus Blossum tank is still unfinished and is packed in the suitcase to come with us. Its turning out quite wide, so I've had to decrease quite drastically at the bustline . Its either that or I have to knit myself a larger bust!
Cases are packed ...almost, and the kitchen floor has been cleaned as has the fridge - don't want any nasties when I come back.
And if it hasn't been done by now, it ain't getting done ever!
I'm off for the fortnight..... in the meantime, try some knitting!
Have Fun!


Kathleen said...

Have a lovely time, my dear! x K

TangledFrog said...

Hmmm...knitting oneself a bigger bustline. Ya know, figure that out, patent it and you might just make millions! Enjoy your hols!

heather said...

Enjoy :0)