Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Extermiknit Indeed!

So , am now on Jury call-up as they didn't need me Monday . Three hours of waiting around, listening to mumbling Sheriffs' and Lawyers before being dismissed. It was worse than school.
Thankfully it was a lovely day, and I met up with my sister for a coffee and strawberry tart later , mmmmmm . Well Grandpa was babysitting, and I knew there would be chaos when I returned (I was right, two hours to tidy up!)
Back home , I found the place was over running with kids, but Grandpa and Jnr junior were happy watching TV. I also found my Dr Who Jelly Baby Swap package - it contained a ......Crocheted Dalek! Fabulous!
younger son fights to get it from me - he wants to be a Dalek!
Older son steals it from me to cuddle, and pretend to be Dr Who !
And when they'd both went to bed, I got a picture of my pack with the sweeties too. The Junior mints got a bit melted in the post, so , of course, I had to eat them straight away!
And here is the gorgeous sock yarn in Dr Who colours of Navy Blue, Green, Creams. Isn't it lovely. Its from an etsy seller called Lone Star - must check them out.
Now, where is my WIP knitted Dalek ?


Anonymous said...

What a fab dalek and the yarn is gorgeous cant wait to see them tomorrow!

TangledFrog said...

Look at all those goodies - fab! Love the crocheted Dalek! Have you seen the knitted Adipose?