Thursday, 31 January 2008

The North Wind shall blow....

and we shall have snow !
and sleet , hail, rain , Gale Force 9, the roar of the river and adjoining lochs , and that splashy sound the tyres of cars make as they drive over the wet sodding roads !! lol
I'm laughing, cos if I didn't I'd be crying NOT AGAIN ! And today of all days the ferries at Gourock go on strike - hahaha - like they would be sailing today anyway , with the river looking like hells cauldron .
Well a few good pals are back in the blogging business again - there's Nan (course but humourous!! lol , you have to see todays entry) , and Sarah , (cyclist and knitter) . Hey , remember Nan, you've been tagged!
Tigerlilith has completed Januarys' sweater , in her quest to knit a sweater for every month of 2008 (the girl's got drive and determination!)
And Heather has the blanket to die for - how I wish I was her cat !
And me ? Well the blue shrug just needs one more arm (almost done) and a collar! I've restarted my sisters cropped cardi in Noro Silver Thaw , and am using size smaller needles to get it a little narrower (there's nothing to her , and I fear the stated finished size will be HUGE) . This may result in me running out of yarn before I finish - do I try and source some more? OR give her 3/4 length sleeves!
T'will depend on the weather the day I finish - hehe!
Well I'm off to look at my Vogue Knitting magazine - a find at my local keystore shop , and a tad less expensive than Borders price !
So go on wind , blow your worst , then get outta here!


Midsummer night's knitter said...

weather's lovely here ;0)

TangledFrog said...

Can't wait to see your sisters cardi in Noro Silver Thaw. I've never used that particular Noro, but love the look of it!