Monday, 21 January 2008

The Most Miserable Day of the year!

Officially! According to some news reports and newspapers , today id the day when everyone feels at their lowest. Today , the sky looked like it was at its lowest too!
I'm cheering myself up with this at the moment , a lovely edition illustrated by Lauren Child , she of the Charlie and Lola/ Clarice Bean fame.
Still working on my little blue shrug - just the sleeves to do now , and I've got a little waylaid by doing a beret in Sirdar Blur as a favour for someone.
All this just to avoid doing some sewing - my cocoon cardi is ready for seaming , but I'm not in the mood. It doesn't help that I've had tonsilitis for a week (getting better , just) , and am only doing the barest necessities ...... like going ot the TramwayKnits group on Sunday afternoon - lol !
So I'm off to read Pippi Longstocking , and drink some honey and lemon - lifes hard ! Oh , after I've read Kimberleys' new blog .
Edited Later : Thanks Kathleen , blog link now corrected!

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Kathleen said...

I think you missed out a "k" in your link to your friend's blog, the link isn't working. x K