Thursday, 3 January 2008

New Year Resolutions

Well the blogosphere seems to be full of New Year resolutions just now .
There are new blogs being set up - look here !
Folk jetting off to pastures new and foreign !
Gargantuan tasks will be taken up here !
And new solutions to old problems here !
And DH is giving up alcohol for January.
I .
Resolve .
Do ?
Number 1 - Join Ravelry , its everywhere so I'm not going to fight it any longer .
Number 2 - Keep away from Yarn shops for all of JANUARY! that one should be hard enough , notice I haven't mentioned ebay or online stores .
Number 3 - Finish old projects - I have one that has been on the needles for two years - and I really like it but its 3mm needles and takes forever. So after finishing all the chunky aran projects , and sisters Birthday project , I'm gonna concentrate on that one TILL ITS DONE .
Oh yes! this one is more a note to myself - never knit for teenagers , especially nieces. When shown her new room in her new house , her new Rowan Biggy Print scarf was lying on the floor caught up in the sliding door !
Well thats all for now - its not quite as big as the other ones above but hopefully will be able to keep them until , oooh , about Sunday 13th January - no will power , thats whats wrong with me!


heather said...

Ha ! It's a mere baby if it's only been on the needles for 2 years ;0) But you should definitely finish it.......... of course I did notice you didn't tell us what it was so we will never know whether you do finish or not !

Kathleen said...

He he, very good. I hear ya about the knitting for nieces- remember the Gypsy bag and the nicely worded "oh, I've not still got it"!

So glad to hear you're applying for Ravelry, you'll soon see why many blogs have been a bit quiet this autumn/winter.
x K

TangledFrog said...

You can't resist forever...Commmmme to Raaaavelry...

tash said...

I joined ravelry (some months ago now!) and wasn't sure what to do with it... I have a feeling it's for knitters with time and at the moment getting through the day is a struggle (albeit a pleasant one, at times!). Any enlightenment on what I can use it for other than stash-management?!

tash said...

Good set of goals - I don't tend to make them, though we (Mr. VP and I) make some joint ones this year.

Good luck with them :)