Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Broken Resolutions

So I have broken my own resolution - again! Its Ebay , or to be more precise the Natural Dye Studio on ebay! Kimberley had brought in a load of gorgeous skeins she had bought in the sale from Dye Studio , and they looked and felt sooooooo good.
Whats the harm , I thought , just have a wee peek and see what they have !
Quite a lot actually.... only my lack of readies is holding me back from getting some more !
Isn't it gorgeous.....
From the bottom - we have Alpaca/Merino mix in Luna Pearl , next up is the merino/tencel mix in Kingfisher, then at the top is the Blue-faced Leicester in Sherbert Fizz . Photo's not so great - but the shades shown on the website are exactly what you get - fabulous yarn and fabulous service . And these colours certainly brighten up a grey rainy day .
Here's anoher cheeky monkey , trying to pinch my yarn!
On the knitting front - having my doubts about the blue shrug - not turning out as I expected, but being astrakan yarn , there is no way I'm frogging. So I may try knitting a bit more here and there - it may end up a cushion cover or a strange cuddly animal !
I think the hat for MIL was a success - she tried it on , said it fitted/suited fine , then put it in her bag before leaving . Mmmmm , maybe she's "keeping it for good!" lol

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