Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Here comes the Sun!

At last!
Today we have crisp blue skies , a few white fluffy clouds , a calm and serene looking river , with hills covered in various hues of green ! Its cold,bright and snuggly knits weather. ( Thank You India;-) )
I am reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to Junior just now, and I love the fact there is knitting in it! Hermione is knitting for the House Elves , and is improving so much that you can tell the difference between the socks and hats lol. The girl sensibly bewitches her needles to knit for her , to up the production of knitted garments . And they missed this bit out of the film , how could they ?
I wish I could bewitch my needles to go faster on my socks - I would love to have lots of knitted socks ,alas I'm only on my second pair . And all that beautiful sock yarn out there. I have ordered a Harry Potter inspired sock yarn from Sunshine Yarns , and I'm hoping to get two junior sized pairs out of it (its not cheap , but oh so gorgeous) . I first noticed these beautiful yarns on Poshyarns blog , such wonderful colours , if I had an infinite supply of money , I'd order the lot!
Had a lovely afternoon on Sunday at the TramwayKnits Group , a few of us , ahem, ladies are reaching a certain age of maturity. Gloria is having her celebration first , then myself , and then Lynette (if anyone else is , they've kept mum!) Nan , or YP to give her nickname, very kindly presented us with a gift to be opened on the dates (oh you tease , I have 3 weeks to wait). Thankfully the refurbishment on the Tramway is almost complete , so hopefully next time we'll be meeting in the new , super, duper Cafe !
I'm off to persue my new Rowan Magazine that finally arrived today - its nice , but not as exciting as I had hoped , someone mentioned that perhaps they are saving up the big WOW for their 30th anniversary edition in the autumn .
Just checking outside , yep Suns' still there!


Midsummer night's knitter said...

...but I see from the forecast that rain is due tomorrow ;0)

TangledFrog said...

Love those Sunshine Yarn colours! And, BTW, I might be getting older, but I don't exactly classify myself as "mature". :-p

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hi Mhairi - capuld you send me your email, please?


Krawuggl said...

I´d never read any Harry Potter books, but you surely tempted me to give it a try. I always like books or movies where woman are knitting or sewing or baking, I like to imagine that deep in our hearts we are all of the same kind (or nearly). My thoughts about the new Rowan magazines are equal to yours - the previews at the screen looked definitely gorgeous and now, face to face, nice but not overwhelming. The good thing is, that I have enough old designs I so much want to knit, so no need to fear to run empty with my knitting plans.
Thank you so very very much for your friendly and nice words, I am definitely glad to join blogland again.
Best wishes and have a lovely evening, Suzi