Sunday, 14 January 2007

Sunday Meetup - Prizes

Okay, here is the posting I lost - forgive me if I have repeated myself in the THIRD posting today. Thea - I took some of your advice - I downloaded Firefox and lo and behold I can get pictures and everything now - The Hallelujah chorus is playing in the background here! Here is a picture to spice things up a little - its the sweater junior jnr WON'T wear. Thank you India and Kathleen for the comment son my first post. Today was the Glasgow SnB meetup at the Tramway cafe, and in between asking for the music volume to be lowered (does anyone really ask for the volume to be raised when they are in a cafe ??), it was lovely to see everyone and have a chat. There were some new faces too, Cate, Thea and Anna, Cate was the soft green afghan (I think), Thea the Chunky scarf and Anna the Kidsilk Haze stole. I was wearing my recently finished Kid Classic sweater, and Elaine had brought along her recently finished Kid Classic Hoodie which she was persuaded to model. And she had used mattress seaming AND 3 needle castoff on the seams, much applause all round! Thea and Kathleen gave me some pearls of their wisdom re downloading pictures on to blogger, so I will work on it this week and try to get some piccies up on this blog. I'll also need to purchase a new camera as Junior Jnr has broken the old one - Pennies from HIS account I think for that! Then we had the quiz which was to guess the yarn name, type, composition etc., and I won a prize. Here's hoping I can get to my Flava knitting group this Thursday - the roof on the Block of Flats (appartments) blew off during on of the various storms last week. The joys of living near the coast.


scarybez said...

Hey Mhairi, Welcome to the world of blogging! I saw your new jumper from across the table at the SnB meetup yesterday and thought it looked fantastic - a great colour on you. When are you going to put a picture on the blog??
Sarah G :)

soCherry said...

Welcome to blogland!
You're in my blog links - looking forward to reading :)

Thanks for my mention :)
Elaine x