Sunday, 28 January 2007

Glasgow SnB meetup at the Tramway

Today was SnB meetup at the Tramway - there were LOADS of people which was great. However there were loads of non-knitting people, which kinda held up the lunches. As my Granny would've said - the stomach thinks the throat's been cut!
As Karen, our organiser, has been organising such wonderful events this month we decided to repay the compliment and presented her with a gift and card. We did a wee collection and Lynette kindly agreed to get a POSH YARN voucher, while I knitted up a wee beanie.
Knitters deserve something knitted.
There was a pink theme going on at my end of the table with India and Lynette both wearing pink tops, Jennifer with her pink bag (and pink prize scarf!), and me with my pink cardi. I didn't catch the name of the girls sitting next to Stephanie, but both were in Pink too - and it wasn't even Breast Cancer awareness week!
I took some photo's with the new camera - failed to get a photo of Lynettes fingerless mittens, Jennifers' scarf, or any of the prizes that Karen , our organiser had so kindly made. My prize mittens have been well worn and won't be on this blog until after a wee wash . Got a photo of Karen in her beanie, and a few action knitting photo's -see below (v. poor photography - need a lesson from simplesparrow, or her son)
If you want to see something to cheer you up (and a good photo), try here. My good pal Kathleen is a dab hand with the camera! Karen with her new Beanie - she's smiling cos she's got a POSH YARN voucher to enhance that stash with! Fingers flying, needles clicking, did you notice the knitted Birthday cake complete with candle! Knitters telepathy - all in the pink! I do apologize for the poor quality - Stephanie, I have not included the photo with yourself as it was NOT a good likeness. Hopefully the light in JL will be better on the 11th Feb. Crochet scarf is done,done done - still need to be blocked, but boy is it cozee! Catherine, who was a fellow crochet student last week at JL was crocheting the softest , loveliest twirly scarf today , and Ella resident crochet expert and teacher was making a little bunny. I can see this crochet thing becoming nearly as addictive as knitting (I said NEARLY!) Almost completed left side of Ribbon Twist cardi, and have started second mitten for GGD (Graemes God-daughter). Life is chug chug chuggin' along.
Today was the childrens' prize-giving at Church - Junior got an Excellent attendance and a book voucher - so proud! Also it was the start of Scottish Churches in action for Homelessness week, and a collection was made at the end of the service for this worthy cause. I can't imagine what it is like to be homeless, to have no fixed address, or to live out on the streets, it must be awful. I really admire people who put themselves out there to make a difference.
Tomorrow Katherine from K1Yarns will be on Macaulay and Co, on Radio Scotland (10.30am?) talking knitting with a few of her chums !
Emma - thank you so much for your welcome to the world of blogging - it really is becoming fun! (Don't believe my first posts!)


Kathleen said...

Enjoyed reading your write-up. Sorry I missed it, but your account was the next best thing.

Sue Woo said...


I just found your blog from franklin. Yall look like you are having a bunch of fun.

I worked in a homeless shelter in Washington, DC, of all places. It was hard. Good for you for helping people feel cared for.